Sunbrella Performance

All Sunbrella fabrics are engineered to combine the highest level of design and performance.

Sunbrella Indoor Durability Challenge

In this edition of the Sunbrella Durability Challenge, our fearless Sunbrella quality control technicians take on two messy tween girls determined to leave their mark on white Sunbrella indoor upholstery fabric using their weapons of choice: chocolate syrup, colorful markers and blueberry topping. Watch as they wash away each sloppy salvo, leaving the sofa and pillows pristine.

Sunbrella Makers

The Sunbrella® Makers collection is an expression of values celebrating human creativity, craftsmanship and individuality through fabric. The collection reveals intrinsic values shared between traditional hand weaving and modern manufacturing.

How to Clean Dried Sunblock

Learn how set-in sunblock stains can be removed from Sunbrella fabrics in just a few steps shown in this video.